Check Out this Nigerian Celebrities Who Started Out As Child Stars

The best thing that can ever happen to any celebrity is having the opportunity to recognise their talent early and actually make big use of it.

Over the years we have had a number of these celebrities who started off as child stars and we were all amazed at such talents at an early age. These celebrities didn’t slow down, they continued to excel and have become the grown-up celebrities we all know today.

We will be bringing to you guys five celebrities who started off as child stars and have remained relevant in the entertainment industry.

William Uchemba

William Uchemba is probably the most popular child star to have come out of Nollywood in the 90s. He was the child star everyone wanted to see and have in their movies. Williams Uchemba acting prowess was undeniable, he could make a sad scene from a movie make you actually cry.

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Uchemba as a boy

After a while, not so much was heard from him as he went missing in action for some years. However, about two years ago, Williams stormed social media looking like a bag of dollars. He had evolved and become this dashing young man. Even though he hasn’t been seen in movies, he has been able to win the hearts of many fans with his funny skits on Instagram.

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